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Account FAQUpdated 3 months ago

To check your Loyalty tier, redeem for rewards, access active $ OFF Reward Codes, or view all Loyalty FAQ, view your Loyalty Dashboard!

 Do I need to create an account to place an order? While it's not mandatory, it is recommended! Creating an account will allow you to find your order history, edit your addresses, and track your shipment faster. You will also be notified of new products and special events!

 How do I create an account? You can follow the link here to create your account.

 I need to change the email address associated with my account. Our Customer Support department can help you change your LUXA account email – go ahead and reach out to them via our Contact Form
Please note that if a LUXA account already exists under an email address, we cannot associate the email with another account.

 I forgot or need to change my password. Not to worry! You can click "Forgot Password" on our login page here to receive a password recovery email.

 I have two accounts – can I combine Loyalty points? While we do not have a way to merge accounts and order history, we can add your Loyalty points from one account to another as a one time courtesy! Please reach out to us via our Contact Form or chat and let us know the email addresses associated with your accounts, and which one you prefer to use going forward. 

Please note that purchases placed under a separate account will not count toward your tier level. We always recommend that customers double check that they are placing their orders using the account for which they would like to receive points!

 Where can I find my order history? When logged into your LUXA account, you can view your order history on the main account page! Simply click on the order numbers to view more information.

 How will I know if I have Early Access to product releases? Early Access for most launches is available to our Hardcore Pros – members of our Hardcore Loyalty tier who have submitted professional documentation. If you are a Hardcore Pro and are subscribed to email notifications, you will receive emails letting you know when your Early Access period begins!

To check your tier, make sure you are logged into our site and navigate to your Loyalty Dashboard*. If you are a professional but have not submitted your license yet, you can log in to do so here

* Please note that tier levels are based on spending and are determined on a yearly basis once you have achieved a tier. Loyalty tiers are not permanent. For more information, see the FAQ section of your Loyalty Dashboard.
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