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 Can I use LUXA Prime to apply Transfer Foils?LUXA Prime can be used with Transfer Foils. It will not offer a full nail transfer but can be used to give the nail some Foil accents. (For full nail transfer we recommend using our Transfer Foil Gel!)
After curing your gel color layer, wipe with alcohol. Apply a coat of LUXA Prime over the gel color and let air dry. Then lay metallic foil over the areas where you would like the accents and quickly remove the foil.
If you are unsatisfied with the result, you can easily wipe the transfer away with alcohol and redo until satisfied.
After Foil transfer, always be sure to seal your finished design!

 How long should I let Prime dry before moving on in the application process?You will notice after applying Luxa Prime that the nail will have a slight shine to it once dried, about 15-30 seconds after light application.

 Does Prime work with acrylics? LUXA prime is an acid free primer that can be used with any system, including acrylics. Unlike traditional acid primers, after Prime is applied, it leaves a sticky surface on the natural nail giving awesome adhesion for all enhancement services! 

 Why does my bottle of Prime smell a bit funky?In short, Prime is made from ingredients that can have a pungent scent! These components are necessary for removing any leftover oils from the nail, ensuring the proper adhesion of all of your favorite LUXA products. 
You can check out the SDS for Prime here!


 Why is my bottle of Shine Top Coat thick or separated?

Sometimes, thickness or separation of Shine can occur during storage, and can be resolved using the following tips:
- Stir the product for a full 60 seconds prior to use.
- Cold environments can cause our gel to temporarily be thicker. If you suspect your gel is cold, a trick our techs like to use is to place the gel bottle under their thigh for a couple minutes while working on other steps in the application!
- Ensure that gels are stored (and used!) away from direct sunlight or lamps to prevent curing, which can cause thickening of product in the bottle.

 Why does Shine sometimes leave a blue tint over gel color?

When using LUXA Shine, you may notice a slight bluish tint to the nail in certain lighting. This is caused by UV inhibitors in the top coat!
In order to combat this, we recommend applying Shine in very thin coats, especially over lighter gel colors.

 Why does Shine leave craters/holes or separate over my gel color?When using the entire LUXA system, this can sometimes happen but is very rare. 

- Try applying Shine a little thicker. If Shine is applied too thin, there won’t be enough product to properly self level over the nail.

- Check if the client has accidentally contaminated their nail during their service (such as with oils from their skin, lotions, etc.). If this happens, wipe the cured gel color with alcohol. Let dry, then apply LUXA Shine.


 What makes Gloss different from other top coats?

LUXA Gloss Top Coat provides a high-shine finish without a blue tint.
This rubber, non-wipe top coat is thicker in viscosity than other top coats, making it easy to apply and encapsulate any nail art. Because Gloss is soak-off, you'll have long-lasting color with minimal effort!


 Do I need to use a primer like LUXA Prime before applying Flexi? Flexi is specially designed to provide excellent adhesion without the need for a primer!

 Can I use Flexi for structured manicures?The primary function of Flexi is to work as a base coat. It can be used to provide structure to natural nails, but because it isn’t nearly as hard as Matrix or Build, we would not recommend it as a structured gel for long nails or extensions!

 Why should I use Flexi?Flexi Base Coat is an innovative product that's ideal for clients with thin, flexible nails that tend to lift easily. There's no need for primer – just apply Flexi Base directly to etched, prepped nails and go straight into your favorite LUXA Gel Color! Additionally, Flexi Base currently comes in two different colors: Clear and Peachy Blush.

 Why is my Peachy Blush Flexi lifting or having trouble curing?Because of the raw materials necessary for creating the Peachy Blush shade, you might notice slight variance in the curing process between Peachy Blush and Clear Flexi! This can often be solved by applying and curing Peachy Blush in thin layers with a full 60 second cure time for each layer, and ensuring that you are using a LUXA Lamp or other lamp with an output of at least 395 nanometers.

Velveteen Matte

 How do I prevent Velveteen Matte from smearing the gel below?

Here are our recommendations for preventing smearing with Velveteen Matte:
- Float Matte lightly over cured gel
- Wipe the tacky layer before applying Matte
- Use Luxa Base over art, cure, then apply Velveteen Matte. This method gives the most protection and levels out any unevenness!

 Does Velveteen Matte stay matte? As you wear Luxa Matte, it can start looking satiny due to makeup, lotions, oils, etc. But no worries! Just wipe your nails with some Isopropyl Alcohol and viola! Matte nails again.

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