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 Do you have a list of all gel colors? Yes! You can view all LUXA gel colors on our Easy View Color Sheet.

 What is the shelf life for LUXA gel colors?Once opened, we recommend that our gels be used within 18-24 months to maintain their quality.
In order to prolong the life of our products, we recommend that they be stored at room temperature, out of direct sunlight and away from any lamps. Before use, our products should be mixed thoroughly to combat any settling that might have occurred.

 How should I mix LUXA gel colors?

We find that opening the bottle and using the applicator brush to stir works most effectively!
- Loosen the cap
- Cup the bottle in one hand
- Use the other hand to roll the applicator brush inside the bottle in a quick circular motion.

If your gel has been unused for a while, you may want to do a “hard stir” with a clean, dry tool like our Spatula!

 Why isn’t my gel curing fully? Why is it bubbling or wrinkling during curing?

LUXA gel colors do have a thicker consistency than other brands, and some colors are more pigmented than others. The raw materials that create the pigmentation in our gels can cause slight variances during the curing process. Here are some tips to ensure the best cure:
- We recommended thoroughly mixing our gel before use.

- Storing your gels room temperature. Cold environments can cause our gel to temporarily be thicker. If you suspect your gel is cold, a trick our techs like to use is to place the gel bottle under their thigh for a couple minutes while working on other steps in the application.
- Be sure each layer of LUXA Gel Color is applied thinly! When applied too thick, the gel will not cure properly.
- Your gel may also need a longer cure time in your lamp. 60 seconds is the standard cure time in an LED lamp with an output of at least 395 nanometers. If your lamp is older (1 year old or more) we recommend a longer cure time or a lamp replacement.

 Help, my LUXA gel color is thick or stringy!Gel colors can settle between uses, sometimes causing a thick or stringy effect. Be sure to thoroughly mix the gel color before application, and apply in thin coats for the best result!

 Why can’t I get my gel color to mix fully?If you are having trouble getting a good mix using the brush of your gel color, we recommend using a spatula like ours here! The pigment in our gels can settle during storage, especially if there is a long period between uses.

 Are your colors pure gels, or are they hybrid?All LUXA gel colors are 100% pure gels! 

 Why is my pink gel polish discolored after curing?This happens sometimes! Certain pink pigments may appear darker after the initial cure, but should brighten up after the gel settles and cools. If you're still not seeing the color you'd expect after 24 hours, it may be that the gel was not thoroughly stirred before use, so that would be one other thing to check! Using the lid of your bottle, slowly stir for a full 60 seconds in order to mix all the pigment thoroughly.

 How many services can I expect to get out of a bottle of gel polish?The amount of services that can be performed using a bottle of LUXA gel varies greatly depending on the length of the nails and amount of product applied. On average, based on a set of 10 painted short-to-medium length nails with two thin coats of gel color each, our techs can expect to get 30-40 sets of nails out of one bottle of product.

Glow Up Collection

 Why isn’t my gel from the Glow Up collection glowing?For the brightest, most even glow, thoroughly mix our Glow gels as the glow pigment can settle at the bottom. Finish our Glow gels with LUXA Gloss, as it does not contain any UV inhibitors, allowing light to "charge" your nails for a maximum glow.
Also, be sure to use a light that is powerful enough to charge the glow polish on the nails! Sunlight and your LED lamp usually work the best. Basic low wattage light bulbs may not have enough power to charge the polish.

 Why is my Glow Up collection gel color so thick?

Please keep in mind that glow polishes will be thicker than regular gel colors! The viscosity of each color is based on how much pigment is needed to produce the glow effect. Some colors in the Glow Up collection will be thicker than others.
In order to get the best coverage, be sure to mix the polish thoroughly before each use!

Cat's Eye

 Why does my Volume I Cat’s Eye gel color have such a soft effect?

Our Cat's Eye Vol. I gels definitely have a more subtle effect than some cat's eye gels! Here are some tips from our Pros to maximize that cat's eye look:
- Stir well before use to make sure the pigment is evenly distributed.
- Apply two coats, magnetizing each coat for a stronger cat’s eye effect.
- Try holding the magnet over the nail for 3-5 seconds.
- Once magnetized, flash cure the nail for 10-15 seconds to “lock in” the magnetized effect before it fades.

Check out this Instagram Live all about Cat’s Eye Vol. I!

 Why does my Cat’s Eye gel color look different from the photos on the site?While we do our best to capture the different shades present in our Cat’s Eye gel colors, photos alone don’t do them justice! For a better idea of the range you can expect from our Cat’s Eye gel polishes, you can check out videos on our Instagram like this one, which features Cat’s Eye Vol. III.

Color Shift

 Why isn’t my Color Shift gel shifting?

Some of our Color Shift gels have a more subtle effect than others! For instance, you might notice a subtler change in color with some of the gels in our Bewitched Color Shift Volume I.
Ambient body temperature does have a large effect on how noticeable the shift between colors is. One thing that may help showcase the shift would be to paint the gels onto extra long nails so that more of the color is further from body heat!
Additionally, in order to ensure the best outcome with Color Shift gels, stirring thoroughly may be necessary if the pigment has settled during shipment or storage.

 Why is my Color Shift gel translucent?Like our standard gel colors, some of our Color Shift gels are more translucent than others! In order to achieve the best finish, be sure to stir your Color Shift gel thoroughly before use.

Complete Collections and Sets

 Does the Complete Collection come with painted swatch sticks?

Yes, our complete collection comes with all of the corresponding swatch sticks at no extra cost!
Please note that when purchasing Sets #1, #2, #3, and #4 separately, they do not include swatch sticks. Shop our painted swatch sticks by collection here!

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