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General Product QuestionsUpdated 5 months ago

 Can I use your products with products from another brand?Because our products are meant to be used as a complete system, they have been developed and extensively tested with one another. However, there has not been the same amount of testing done with non-LUXA products. While LUXA may play well with some other brands, we can only speak to how well they work with LUXA!

 How do I prevent chipping when using LUXA products?

If lifting or chipping is only happening on some tips, ask your client to move their hands back an inch in the lamp while curing. Sometimes there are "dead spots" in the lamp where the light does not fully reach parts of the nail, preventing a full cure.
If the client has extended hyponychium, you may try paying extra attention to cleansing the free edge and under the nail well to remove any oils. When using LUXA, cleansing with 99% isopropyl alcohol is ideal.
Additionally, if you do not already, capping the free edge can be very helpful in preventing chipping!

 Would you ever make a refill bottle for my favorite LUXA product?We have considered refill bottles, but we are trying to find the best way to prevent contamination when refilling LUXA essentials into a used bottle. Because dust, fuzz, glitter, etc. can be transferred into the current bottle during use, refilling the bottle may contaminate the product and can cause breakdown issues, and we wouldn't want that to happen!

 Do you offer trial sizes of any products?

We do offer a Mini Trio – three of our top sellers in convenient “Try Me” sizes!
While we do not offer any of our gel colors in trial sizes, you may be interested in our Intro Kit! It's a great introduction to the brand, and allows you to try some of our core products in their full sizes at a great price. If you are a new customer, enter your email on the product page to receive a coupon for 15% off the Intro Kit!

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