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Nail ArtUpdated 6 months ago


 What tool should I use to apply Chromes?This depends on personal preference! While some techs prefer using Sponge Tip Applicators, others have better luck using a silicone pen like ours here! Check out this Opal Chrome how-to on our Youtube channel featuring a silicone pen!

 How do I prevent chipping with Chromes?

Chipping chromes can be a nuisance! Here is how our Pros prevent this:
1. After Chrome application, apply LUXA Prime with a light touch to the free edge and side walls of the nail.
2. Apply LUXA Base. Then cure.
3. Apply Shine Top Coat. Then cure.

Our founder and creator, Leah, uploaded a video to our YouTube channel all about preventing chipping when using Chromes!

 Why isn’t my jar of Chrome full?If you have purchased our Chromes in the past, you might be used to our smaller jar size! We have recently made the switch to larger jars in order to reduce spillage and, while the jar size has changed, the amount inside remains the same.


 My flakes arrived in large pieces. What can I do?Flakes are produced in larger sizes to prevent them from breaking into too-small pieces during shipment! If you receive a jar of Flakes that are more intact, simply shake the (closed) jar or use a clean tool to break them apart into a size that works best for your designs.


 How do I create "sugar nails" using LUXA Micro Glitz or Flash Glitz?We have instructions for this on our site! If you are not a fan of the texture of sugar nails, you can add our Shine or Gloss Top Coat for a slightly different effect.


 How do I apply/use LUXA Pigments?There are several ways you can use our Pigments!
- Mix with LUXA Base or gel color to create a custom color.
- Apply over any tacky gel layer with a stiff brush to create a gradient effect.

Tip: Many of our techs have shared that Velveteen Matte provides a great foundation that Pigments stick to, and makes blending smoother!

Gel Pods

Our Gel Pods have a thicker, slightly stiff viscosity perfect for art or line work that doesn't level too quickly, resulting in crisp lines. Our Gel Pods can also be used to paint the entire nail! Best used with our Pro XL Brushes.

 Help! My Gel Pod is displaying separation.  Occasionally, Gel Pods may display some separation after storage or shipment. Not to worry, though! This is easily fixed by mixing the product thoroughly with a clean, dry tool such as our Spatula.

 How do I open my Gel Pod without wasting product? When many of our techs get a new Gel Pod, they recommend using a small scissor or a fine-point knife blade to carefully cut around the edge of the seal. Once the seal is removed, they use a clean spatula to scrape any product that has stuck to the seal during shipment back into the jar, before stirring thoroughly!

 Why does the fill level of the Gel Pods vary? Our Gel Pods are filled by weight! The raw materials necessary for creating different hues may cause a variance in fill levels.

Bloom Gel

 Does Bloom Gel bloom all LUXA gels?Yes, our bloom gel will work with all of our gel colors! Depending on opacity, some colors may bloom faster than others.

Foils and Transfer Foil Gel

 How do I stop the Transfer Foil Gel from yellowing?Applying the Transfer Foil Gel in a thinner coat should help to prevent any yellowing!

 Why won’t my Foils apply properly?

This is often a simple fix! Here are some of the most common troubleshooting questions for Foils:
- Is the Transfer Foil being applied on the correct side?
- Are you applying the Transfer Foil Gel before applying the foils?
- After applying the Foil Gel, are you leaving the sticky layer on the nail?

Need technical support or want to enhance your skills? Head on over to our subscription page on Instagram @Luxapolish for exclusive access to learning opportunities, technical support, and upcoming 1-on-1 sessions tailored just for you!

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